Those brave or foolhardy enough to brave the wilderness outside Otreus, and the dangers it contains, are known as adventurers. Society's rejects, adventurers are often those who are unable to find respectable work in the guilds and unwilling to live life as little more than slaves to the landed nobility. Of the noble class, only those who have lost their fortunes, or the fourth sons of fourth sons who expect no inheritance to begin with are willing to stoop to the adventuring life. The temples would take most, but even those who join seem to find themselves out on another quest soon after. So they go out in search of treasure, in order to make their own way in life; looting the ruins left in the wilds is one of the few remaining ways for those who can fight to change their station in this world... If they survive.

List of known adventurers

This page contains a list of all known adventurers to have visited the Fool and Flagon. Feel free to make a new page for your character and add them to the list.

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