Camp is where adventurers may rest and recover when away from town. In order to make camp, at least one member of the party must have a check, the party cannot be in a conflict or immediate danger, and there must be a place to rest.

Camp Type Edit

There are six general types of camp based on the surrounding environment and conditions. A camp can either be located in the wilds or underground. Also, the conditions near a camp can designate it as either typical, unsafe, or dangerous at the discretion of the GM. The level of danger is based on the region that the camp is located in, proximity to dangerous beasts, weather or similar events, and precautions taken when setting up the camp.

Camp Events Edit

At the beginning of the camp phase the GM rolls 2d6 on the appropriate camp table. More dangerous camps are more likely to have negative results, and underground camps are more prone to negative results than camps which are above ground. A +1 bonus to this roll can be earned either by using the Survivalist skill to find a suitable site or otherwise make the camp more hospitable, or by a ranger with the Wilder level benefit.

Result Effect
Disaster All checks are lost and you are forced to break camp immediately. You do not have a chance to rest
Inconvenience A minor detrimental effect such as disallowing recovery from a specific condition
Safe Camp No effect
Minor Break A minor beneficial effect such as finding extra light sources
Lucky Break A major beneficial effect such as stumbling across free treasure or healing

Spending Checks Edit

Each check may be used to roll a single test or initiate a conflict with another member of the party. Tests can be used to remove conditions; repair armor or equipment; create poultices, scrolls, or other equipment; or any other acts that may be performed in and around camp. Checks may not be used to explore or fight monsters. No player may make two tests in a row while in camp, but checks may be shared between party members. Any checks that are still unused by the end of the camp phase are lost. Using an instinct in camp never requires a check.

Spells and Prayers Edit

Magicians and rangers may memorize spells in the camp phase after all checks have been spent. Clerics may do the same, but must test Theologian (this does not cost a check). If a disaster occurs, no spells or prayers are memorized.

Breaking Camp Edit

Once checks have been expended and spells memorized, the party breaks camp and the adventure phase begins again. Camping resets the turn count to 1 and turns do not advance while in camp.

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