Checks are a resource earned when using a trait to give yourself a disadvantage in a test. Checks are used to perform actions and recover from conditions in the camp phase.

Earning Checks

Checks are earned by using traits against yourself. For example, you may say that your quick-witted character thinks too fast for his own good and doesn't fully assess the situation before leaping to action. Alternatively, your fiery character might let her temper get the better of her or your loner might not be good at working with others.

Once per test, you may do one of the following

Action Checks Earned
Take a -1D penalty to your roll 1
Grant your opponent +2D in a versus test 2
Break a tie in favor of your opponent in a versus test 2

Once a check is earned, mark one (or two) of the "Used Against" boxes next to you trait to indicate the number of checks you've earned.

Spending Checks

Checks may be spent in town or camp to attempt recovery from a condition or to perform an action requiring a test.

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