Answer the following questions to generate your starting relationships and a Circles rating. Circles begins at 1 and can be adjusted upward based on your answers to these questions. You can have a maximum of 3 relationships to start with.

Circles and Relationships Questions

Do you have friends who enjoy your occasional visits or are you a loner, tough and cool?

  • If you have a friend, +1 Circles. Write your friend's name on your character sheet. Choose a profession from your home town's skill list for your friend.
  • If you are a loner, tough and cool, your Circles starts at 1 and you have an enemy. How did your enemy destroy your life and set you on this path? Write down the name of your nemesis or mortal enemy on your sheet and skip the rest of the Circles and Relationships questions and take the Loner trait at level 1 or increase it by 1 if you already have it.

Do you have parents you can stomach talking to or are you an orphan?

  • If you have parents, +1 Circles. Note your family name or parents' names on your character sheet. Choose a trade for your parents from your home town's skill list.
  • If you're an orphan, you have a keepsake from your parents that is worn around your neck or on one hand. Describe its sentimental value. It is worth 1D of treasure. Put it in your inventory.

Did you have a mentor or did you make your own way in this rough life?

  • If you have a mentor, +1 Circles. Note your mentor's name on your character sheet. Your mentor's trade is the same as the specialty you chose for your character. Note this next to his name like so: Froz the Cook.
  • If you made your own way in life, you start with a pouch of cash worth 2D of treasure (it takes up one space in your pack).

Have you made an enemy in your life or have your dubious deeds managed to escape notice?

  • If you have made an enemy, +1 Circles. Note your enemy's name on your character sheet. Choose a class and stock for your enemy.
  • If you do not have an enemy, then congratulations; you don't have an enemy!

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