Correspondence between Newt and his friend, Gwali.




The People's Underground needs your help if we're going to expand. We need better trained members and we need more resources in order to support ourselves. While you're out adventuring, could you please try to bring back a small sack full of gold (or two sacks of silver) and someone able to help train new members? That would be enough to help us get off the ground if you could find them by next Summer.

I know you're still new to the cause and this is asking a lot, but please think of it as a personal favor to me and imagine the good that will come of what we're doing here.

Things are going well on all fronts. Stton has been having some luck recruiting new members from within Farhaven and I've been digging up leads for new alchemical recipes that might be useful to us. Meanwhile, Kente has been making inroads with the Coopers' Guild, which could be useful if we need to transport anything out of the city. We hope that within a couple years the People's Underground will become a formidable force and we'll be able to enact some real change. I have high hopes for what we can all accomplish together.

Good luck,

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