Correspondence between Tim Goldfield and his mother, Marianne Goldfield.



Dear Timothy,

I hope you are doing well. Broderick tells me that you've spent the past year in Farhaven and have fallen in with those dirty adventuring types. You know I don't approve of their sort. However I've given up on trying to tell you, Alistair, and Cassandra what to do. If you insist on risking your life out there in the wilds looking for treasure then could you at least try to find some harpy feathers for your father? You know how much he loves his flight spells and the feathers are just so hard to come by around here. Mirabelle will be in Farhaven next Spring so you can give the feathers to her. Your father would greatly appreciate it.

I know I can be hard on you, but please know that I do it because I care and want the best for you. Little Alexandra and Genevieve are growing up fast, and Bartholomew just conjured his first burst of flames. We all miss you back home. Please stay safe and take care of yourself and please stop insulting our relatives when you summon them to translate for you. I have to hear about it every time.

With love,
Marianne Goldfield


Dear Mother,
I’m doing fine as I try to bring some sense of security to the region while continuing to my studies and I have uncovered some arcane secrets that would have continued to be lost to time otherwise. I’ll see what I can find in regards to harpy feathers. Do you know a way I could recharge a wand that I acquired recently? I would like to maintain it if at all possible.

Also, is there any ill effects with using Threads of Friendship that you can recall? I used it to resolve a tense situation without bloodshed but, now that individual hasn’t shaken off the effect. Its nice having someone to watch my back unconditionally but, I’m worried about side effects like insanity. I find it difficult to acquire books of the arance out so far from New Dunwich. If you could provide a copy of anything from the library I would grateful.

I know just as all of us know that you’re always looking out for us. How is little Dominique doing in her studies? I’m glad to hear about the twins and I do hope Bartholomew has not started causing too much trouble with his new found talent.

Now you know my stance in regards to our relatives I respect them and all that they have done but, if they are going to linger for eternity they could at least try to shrug off their outdated beliefs. I can not stand by and listen to their opinions in regards to my lifestyle nor can I have them spouting off unfounded racist stereotypes in regards with my co-workers. Regardless, I’ll try to be more courteous to them in the future.

With love,

Timothy Goldfield

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