Death happens. Outside of Otreus, it is a constant threat. Death may occur as a result of The Grind if you've taken all other conditions. Otherwise, death may result from a kill Conflict or failing certain tests while Sick or Injured.

What to do When Your Character Dies

Level Option
1 Make a new level one character. Transfer any unspent Fate and Persona points to your new character.
2 Make a new character as above, or take on your deceased character's friend as your new character. Your friend is the same level as your former character but the GM provides their class and abilities.
4 Choose one of the previous options or Pay the Terrible Price.
5 Choose one of the previous options or take on the role of your former mentor or companion. Your mentor starts at level 5. For a companion, you may take on the role of your henchman, companion or cousin. When you do so, start four levels below your previous character's level. However, companions may lay claim to their benefactor's treasure and worldly possessions. You may only play as your companion if you have taken the appropriate level benefit.

Pay the Terrible Price

To Pay the Terrible Price, you must spend one Persona point. Reduce your character's Nature cap by 1 (typically from 7 to 6), reduce current Nature to 1/1, remove one Nature descriptor of the GM's choice and log one failed test of your choice. If you cannot do any of these things then you cannot Pay the Terrible Price.

Once paid, the character returns to play at an appropriate juncture agreed upon by the GM and players. Tell the group how you miraculously survived.

Raising the Dead

A cleric of 9th or 10th level can invoke a prayer to raise the dead. This prayer can be used on any character, regardless of level. Reduce the raised character's Health cap by one (normally from 6 to 5), wipe out all pending advances for abilities and skills, the raised character takes the Angry, Afraid, and Exhausted conditions.

Journey to Hell

Ancient legends state that somewhere in the wilderness there is a way to reach the lands of the dead. If a party of living beings could manage this without dying themselves, it may be possible to return a deceased friend to life. If this is successful, the formerly deceased comes back to life with the Hungry/Thirsty and Exhausted conditions. There is no other penalty.

This quest should not be taken lightly. The journey would surely be arduous and who knows what price the Lords of Life and Death, or even the Gods themselves, might demand.

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