There are several types of known deities in the world, of differing levels of power. The Gods are the most powerful beings, followed by the Immortals and the Ascendants.

Gods Edit

The most powerful beings known to exist. The Gods don't often take much of an interest in mortal affairs in Otreus. However, they will sometimes become interested in the lives of particular mortals and guide them to a glorious (or tragic) fate.

Known Gods Edit

  • Illikar, God of Life
  • Mirtis, Goddess of Death
  • Renjis, God of Order
  • Maira, Goddess of Chaos

Illikar and Renjis are worshiped in the kingdom, with Mirtis also greatly respected, as she helps maintain the order of life and death. Maira has not been popularly worshiped in Otreus in the past centuries as chaos is seen as a force opposed to the kingdom.

Because the Gods do not often take action in Otreus, worship of the Immortals is much more common.

Immortals Edit

Extremely powerful mortals have sometimes attained immortality and demi-godhood. These ascended beings are known as the Immortals. The Immortals are known to take frequent interest in affairs in the corporeal world.

Known Immortals Edit

  • Erith, The Protector, Patron Immortal of Otreus

Erith is the protector of Otreus, but is widely believed to have abandoned her favored kingdom as fortune has turned against it.

Ascendants Edit

Ascendants are those mortals who seek to ascend to godhood, but have not yet accomplished their goal. Ascendants should be considered extremely dangerous beings and often leave a path of destruction in their wake as they attempt to take what is not theirs by nature.

Known Ascendants Edit

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