From the notes of an anonymous dead wizard discovered by Urban and Tim Goldfield:

Standing between seven and eight feet tall, gnolls are savage, hyena-like beastmen. They have powerful, razor-fanged jaws which they use to crush bones and consume the marrow from within. An obvious indicator of their lack of intelligence and civilization, gnolls will always follow their base desires when desire strikes. The only indications that they have some level of intelligence is their tendency to lie in ambush to attack our patrols near the mountains. This does not indicate any higher intelligence than that of a wolf, however. The truly troubling behavior they display is a seeming obsession with performing blood rituals to some sort of demon gods. It is unclear whether these deities are corrupted Immortal Lords or some sort of lower beings. Perhaps it is misplaced worship of the twisted wizard who must have created such foul beasts. The frequency of gnoll sightings to the north indicates that they may have some sort of larger pack or tribe somewhere in the mountains...

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