Haathor-Vash, the Giantslayer, was a hero and priest-queen of the ancient Baldr tribe. She attempted to become an Immortal Lord and only partially succeeded. Now she is an Ascendant and works to finish her ascension to Lordship.

Early Life

Vash was the eldest child born to the exiled Kettil of the Haathor clan. One day when she was fifteen years old, Vash, Kettil, and some members of their clan were traveling along the road when they were attacked by raiders from the Tarben tribe. Vash survived the attack, but her father did not. She followed the raiders back to their camp and slaughtered them as easily as if they hadn't put up any fight. One escaped and brought word back to the Tarben leadership, who were so impressed that they offered Vash a dire wolf if she would join them as a warrior. She accepted. Haathor-Vash proved herself to be one of the finest warriors in the Tarben tribe, and seemed blessed by the Gods as she could even perform some of the shaman's rituals with no training.

The Baldr Confederation

The planes tore in -58 APA, releasing magic and ferocious monsters upon the land. The Tarben and five other tribes recognized that they could not survive on their own, and banded together in -56 APA to form the Baldr Confederation. The Tarben were the most powerful clan in the confederation, and would lead the armies when truly fearsome beasts attacked. In -51 APA, a giant attacked Baldr. The combined armies of the confederation were not able to stop it, but then Haathor-Vash led a contingent of Tarben warriors on a seemingly suicidal charge directly at the beast. Its mighty club struck ten men dead in a single blow, but Vash grabbed on to the club and rode it up near the giant's face as it lifted its hand for another attack. Then, Haathor-Vash threw a spear, which lit on fire as soon as it left her hand, and skewered the giant through the eye; killing it.

The Baldr Kingdom

Haathor-Vash became a legendary figure, and when it became clear that the warriors of the Tarben liked her more than the clan leaders, she staged a violent coup and murdered the clan chief. Two of the other tribes in the confederation accepted her elevation to chief, but three did not and sought to depose her. One by one, Vash led the Tarben against the tribes which had risen against her and defeated them in battle. By the end, there was no one left to oppose her when she declared herself queen of Baldr and abolished the confederation.

Seven Trials

At some point during her reign, Haathor-Vash and her mystics uncovered arcane reference among the stars to a set of seven trials. Once completed, these trials would prepare one to become immensely powerful and achieve demi-godhood. Haathor-Vash seized upon this opportunity at once and began the arduous process of completing the trials.


Once the other six steps were complete, Haathor-Vash entered her crypt along with her loyal retainers and servants and was buried alive there. From within, she performed a ritual of purification, that the pollution of mortal life might be washed away. Next, she sat for days in meditation in front of an altar to the Lords and Gods while her attendants fed the sacred fire and burned incense in a blessed censer. Finally, she was ready to press her claim. She retired to her burial chamber and her retainers performed the blood ritual in which they all sacrificed their own lives to give Haathor-Vash the power she needed. However, it wasn't enough. The ritual prevented her essence from crossing over into the lands of the dead, but not powerful enough to give her the powers of an Immortal Lord. So she remained trapped, asleep in her tomb for 599 years.


In early Spring 562 APA she was awakened when a group of children uncovered her tomb while working in a field outside Skogenby. One of the children, Jora, stole treasures from the tomb. Infuriated, Haathor-Vash possessed Jora's body and the other children were found slain in their homes shortly thereafter. Jora proved not to be a resilient enough vessel, so Haathor-Vash possessed Marius, the only other survivor from the initial group, and returned the last of the treasures which were stolen from her. Weeks later, three intruders broke into her crypt. One, Carter Carpenter, was killed by a spear trap set on a decoy sarcophagus meant to punish tomb robbers. The other two, Pyra and Tim Goldfield, made it to her burial chamber and encountered Haathor-Vash face to face.

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