Centuries ago, all of the known lands were a part of the domain of Otreus. Today, it's a shadow of its former self. Some say it was the civil wars that have caused our power to dwindle. Others say that Erith, our patron Immortal, has abandoned us. Many blame magic as the cause, as the creatures that now plague the realm were not a problem until the tearing of the planes. Either way, the borders are steadily shrinking decade by decade. Each year, horrible new creatures come crawling out of the forests, the swamps, and the depths of the earth; eager to kill (or worse) those they can capture and take with them whatever treasures they find. Outlying villages fall each year, and now the border has crept its way to the walls of Farhaven. We were fools to think that we could ever truly conquer the wilderness. At best, we occupied it for a time. Now it is reclaiming the lands we took and though we try to fight back with sword and spell, there's no winning this war. The interior of Otreus is still relatively peaceful and safe, but life on the western fringe is a daily struggle. The lost treasures attract adventurers from far and wide, and Farhaven has become a base of operations for those marching west to seek their fortunes.

As of the start of the campaign, it is the early spring of 562 APA and a sense declining glory permeates the society. Recently, traders from a previously unknown land across the sea have arrived on Otreus' eastern shores.

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