It is currently late Spring of the year 563. These are the rumors that have recently been heard at the Fool and Flagon. A set of free rumors will be posted each season, along with any rumors that have been discovered by parties of adventurers in the field. Rumors may lead to new treasures, adventures, or merely details about the world.

Rumors discovered this year

Spring 563

  • Word is there are still humans living in the town of Lasport, which was thought long-abandoned. Lasport was the westernmost town in old Otreus. They say it sits at the end of the southern road, where the land meets the sea and all journeys south must end.
  • An old herbalist who was foraging in the Mistfen found a stone tower sinking into the mire. A magus was said to have lived there long ago.
  • A bounty hunter by the name of Jackson Bourne came to the Fool and Flagon over the winter. He was asking questions about an elf who was seen around here. Supposedly this elf, Mihra, is a wanted murderer.
  • The dwarven hold of Zundabar was long ago conquered by red dragon Aduunash. An old dwarf named Khatur claims that Aduunash stores away great treasures in Zundabar, which it has taken as its lair.

Rumors from previous years

Autumn 562

  • Ofstald's Fangs, a group of so-called "adventurers," have taken up residence in the abandoned House of the Three Squires. They are accused of extorting money and goods from those traveling between Skogenby, Estend, and Farhaven.
  • A greedy troll has been extracting a toll from travelers crossing the river between Axeford Croft and Kaltoft. Those who cannot pay are eaten alive.
  • Several children have gone missing lately from Wesgrove. Old tales tell of monsters that emerge from the forest to punish wicked children who disobey their parents.
  • The villagers of Orhel claim to have seen a great serpent flying over the mountains.
  • An angry bugbear and its band of goblins stalk the forest near Wesgrove.
  • Some bandits were tricked into invading the abandoned House of the Three Squires. No one knows what happened inside.
  • Tim Goldfield has heard rumor of an Immortal sleeping beneath an obelisk in the barrows.

Summer 562

  • The villagers of Skogenby are still desperate for help. Lady Gry sent some soldiers to keep order in the village, but they were little help in stopping the murders. Refugees believe an ancient curse was awakened when a nearby tomb was uncovered. The attacks seem to have paused recently, but who knows for how long.
  • Those who drown in the Mistfen do not rest in peace.
  • A band of about two dozen kobolds was seen in the plains. They were presumably displaced from the House of the Three Squires.
  • A group of bandits patrol the road in the plains, extorting money from travelers.
  • The Mistfen is rumored to contain Sprikken: mischievous, goblin-like fey creatures who love riddles.

Spring 562

  • The villagers of Skogenby are desperate for help. A string of mysterious murders have occurred in which the victims appeared to have been scared to death. Entire households were slain at once, and nobody ever saw the killer. Many believe these attacks to be connected to the uncovering of a nearby tomb by some local youths.
  • Roaming parties of orcs have been spotted out in the plains, some are said to be riding wolves the size of horses.
  • It's said that there's great treasure buried under the earth in the Mergner Barrows somewhere out in the plains. Nobody knows for sure though; no one has ever returned from an expedition to the barrows. It may be best to steer clear.
  • A traveler from Estend arrived in Farhaven today. He says that he stopped at the House of the Three Squires on his route to down and found the inn deserted and showing signs of a struggle. He did not investigate further.
  • A group of adventurers came across an abandoned fort at the edge of the forest. Locals call it the Maledict Keep. Only the ground floor has been explored.
  • The villagers at Enryn's Crossing have put together a militia to keep the orcs at bay.
  • Walking skeletons have been capturing travelers alive and dragging them off in the direction of the Mergner Barrows. Nobody knows what happens to the captives after that.
  • A giant, kobold-devouring spider was seen in the caverns connected to the House of the Three Squires. The caverns also contain a crevasse leading down into the deeper earth.

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