One-handed weapons are carried in the belt/weapon slot when not in use. Two-handed weapons may be carried in one hand while not in use.

Weapon Inventory Slots Effect
Battle axe hand/carried 2 +1s Attack, -1D Defend
Bow torso/carried 1 or belt/weapon or hand/carried 2 +2D Maneuver. Versus Attack vs all except bow and crossbow. Bypasses leather armor.
Crossbow hand/carried 2 and belt/weapon +1s Attack, additional +1D Attack vs Defense. +1D Maneuver. Bypasses leather armor.
Dagger hand/carried 1 Successful Maneuver counts as a disarm vs polearms and missile weapons.
Flail hand/carried 2 -1D Defense, +1D Feint, bypasses shields
Halberd hand/carried 2 +1D Attack, -1D Feint, +1D Maneuver
Hand axe hand/carried 1 May be thrown once per fight to change Attack vs Attack to a versus test.
Mace hand/carried 1 Bypasses chainmail, more likely to damage plate.
Polearm hand/carried 2 +1D Defense, +1D Feint
Shield hand/carried 1 or torso/worn 1 +2D Defense
Sling hand/carried 1 and belt/pouch +2D Maneuver vs all except bow and crossbow
Spear hand/carried 1 +1D Maneuver, Bypasses leather armor, +1D Defense in narrow corridors.
Sword hand/carried 1 +1D to any action. Bonus sticks to that action for the remainder of the conflict.
Two-handed sword hand/carried 2 -1D, +1s Attack and Maneuver
Warhammer hand/carried 2 +1D Attack, -1D Defense. Bypasses chainmail. Increases chance to damage plate.

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