Unlike other seasons, winter only lasts for a single session. Each player has a choice whether their character wants to go out adventuring during the winter or to wait it out in town.

Winter Adventures

If you are foolhardy enough to adventure during the winter, you will earn a condition from The Grind every 3 turns instead of 4. If you partake in a winter adventure, do not participate in the Waiting it Out turn.

Waiting it Out

Winter is a special town phase for honoring the dead and highlighting how characters have grown over the past year. If you decide to wait out the winter, choose your accommodations as you would for a normal town phase. However, if you decide to live in the streets, you automatically take the sick condition. If you are already sick and insist on living in the streets for the winter, then you freeze to death.

Funerals and Honors

The adventuring life is a dangerous one and some of those who strike out in search of treasure each year do not make it back. The priests of Farhaven light large solstice bonfires every year in honor of the Gods and the Lords of life and death. Say a few words for your fallen friends over the bonfires if you wish.

Older and Wiser

Increase your character's age by one year. Regardless of when they were born, the winter is were you keep track of the passage of time.

You should also take a new Wise which reflects your experiences over the past year. The GM and other players must approve of your new Wise. You can have a maximum of four Wises at a time. If you have four already, you may replace one of your existing Wises.

You may choose to remove a single trait from your character sheet during this time if you wish. The GM may also nominate a trait to be removed, and if the rest of the players agree, then it is gone.

Winter Tales

Winter nights are long, so we sit around the fire and recount our adventures. Each player should tell a story about another player's character. It can be a flattering tale or perhaps something a little more sharp. At the end of the tale, sum up what you are saying about the subject in a trait. It can be a trait from the list or you can come up with one yourself. If the group agrees with your account, the subject character receives that trait at level 1. If they already have the trait, then increase its level by 1. If the character already has four traits, then this new trait should replace one of their existing ones.


During the Waiting it Out turn, you may practice any two skills except the following: Arcanist, Dungeoneer, Fighter, Pathfinder, Ritualist, Scout, and Survivalist. When you practice, take a pass or fail advancement (your choice) for that skill. You may practice skills you don't have to earn them at level 1.

Winter Resources

Aside from what is listed above, winter acts as a normal town phase. However, lifestyle cost is increased by 1 extra for each action taken during this phase.

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