Wises represent special, esoteric knowledge about a particular, narrow subject. Whether it be from a hobby, a passing interest, or exposure to different subcultures, we all have knowledge of subject areas which do not generally have much impact on our lives. Wises represent this knowledge. A wise can be about anything that your character could reasonably know (as long as it's not too broad). Wises are meant to be situational in their usefulness. So, for example, a character might have a special interest in the habits of goblins and be goblin-wise. This could be useful if the party is captured by goblins and needs to find a way to escape, but knowing the details of goblin mating rituals is not going to be of use on most adventures.

Example Wises

Specific Town Wises

  • Farhaven-wise
  • Kalad'Zura-wise
  • Lazport-wise

Specific Location Wises

  • Maledict Keep-wise
  • Mergner Barrows-wise
  • Mistfen-wise

Specific Monster Wises

  • Owlbear-wise
  • Dragon-wise
  • Gnoll-wise
  • Kobold-wise

Specific Group Wise

  • Apiarist-wise
  • Bandit-wise

Specific Thing Wise

  • Trap-wise
  • War-wise
  • Ugly Truth-wise
  • Book-wise
  • Sandstorm-wise

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